There is a word “no border in music”.
So, when all off the music say or do, it does not say that absolutely so.
And the culture also word is also connected the hearts of different people each other,
We would not just those that are generated from a person who has devoted his life to music.
And to introduce here, in order to connect the country and country by music,
To believe in the infinite power that has been hidden in themselves, musicians who were aimed at the other side of the sea.
In this web magazine, thought to be applied to the project, the action at different places,
 Encountered kind of accidents, Life-change encounters,
Such as evolution and change of each was born through them,
 From time to time, we will continue to disseminate it in detail.


〈 Photographer 〉
Shohei Yoshida
Shooting and Editing photo, Video etc…
Graduating from Kyoto University of Art and Design.
Year and year, expanding his sphere of activities such as restaurants, architects and building, companies and schools.

〈 Editor / Copywriter 〉
Hiroyasu Kobayashi
Nanzan University graduate.
Collecting material for a story on a musician. Writer of this web magazine.
Usually working at centered on the companies and schools area.

〈 Art Director / Graphic Designer 〉
Masahiko Fujiki
-GRAPHIC DESIGN- PARK Art director / Graphic designer.
Project planning / Artwork
After graduating from Kyoto University of Art and Design, Active in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka.