Project No.2 in Thailand
~On the land of smile, put a cornerstone of future~

1 Posted by - 2015年4月10日 - PICKUP, PROJECT


In Project No.1, Fujioka,Koura and Tomita realized a session with the musicians who is active in Thailand. They felt the further possibilities of themselves, and set a new goal, began to go each way. Fujioka and Koura formed 3piece band. They set to the target that jump in live House of Thailand then solidifying the foundation of overseas debut. Tomita was decided to get across to Thailand again in single, and pursue new activities style as a professional musician. Expectations and anxiety in the chest, they began getting ready to fly to Thailand again. Of course, there is no such guarantee of success. However, we can say definitely, when they have to accommodate the outcome of desire, they visit the turning point as a musician, is that.