Keys of evolution is… bats, banana, sukiyaki

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In 19th Jul 2014, at the cafe “chef d’oeuvre” in Osaka city. For a glimpse of three musicians Yoshiyuki Fujioka, Tetsuro Koura, Junpei Tomita were scaled up through Thailand travel. People who know them from the usual, for the first time and knew people in the web magazine got together. The audience was curious about every word of their Thailand’s experiences report that according to the moderator interview. Then, we shifted to the main event. It had entered the mini live by organized bands in this day limit.

The first came out, Fujioka × Koura × Fujita Yoshio trio. Fujita is a classmate of Fujioka, is a professional musician working in Tokyo. He was playing the “Bat Eat Bananas.” It is traditional songs of Thailand, song selection Fujioka. He had said, “We can be confident that there is no border in music”. “And now, I want to challenge how much people and to be connected to Thailand by myself” in an interview. The sound that such feelings were created, it was thanks and hope to the future, had been condensed to the country of smile showed us a new world.

And, next is Tomita ×Koura × Shinji Hikari trio. Hikari is vocal and guitarist of “Romanchips”. Tomita and Hikari are old acquaintance. They were showing off “Sukiyaki” song. Tomita chose Kyu Sakamoto’s masterpieces. Actually, he was struggling hard to break his shell. But now, he is trying anything come after returning his home. He challenge to solo vocal that do not do a live of “chaqq” (his band). It is also housed in movie. “All personality will appear in their music”. To those put out in myself some more, still should enjoy the music”, he seemed to embody the words.

Mini live showed off the song which was far away from himself. Koura said “I was too nervous about today’s live. Even compare with usual live.” But, he showed his smile when playing in fact. It seemed to have a fun irresistibly its tension, feels truly the joy of living with music.

Exit reception in terms of Fujioka “Please expected musician who are here from now.” On the day of the sound source was contained in the following link (*sound source only).
As many people can know after their evolution, never so happy.