Coming Together With Guests

1 Posted by - 2016年9月17日 - PROJECT

The musician said “I and guests came together today “after the show.
If you check this video no one could say the same word.
Because this show was really like everyone came together .

Let you know all about the show.
Band members were Naoki Higa( Vo, SANSHIN Okinawan traditional instrument) as a leader,and Etsuko Nakanishi(sax)Hiroshi Kamesaki(percussion)Ryota Yamaguchi(percussion).
They met up one day before the live show,and had a rehearsal.
Members were ready with a perfect condition.

The venue was the darts bar called “WHITE HORSE “.
There were some benches and spread mats made guests cozy and comfy.
Man and women all ages in Kumejima were waiting for this day.
How much were they looking forward to,and how did they meet their expectation?
How was the time and atmosphere there?
There was the answer on this video scene that members and guests dancing and sharing time together.
The man who was suffering from the disease was also waiting for this day.
He got tears on his eyes.
His face showed how he and all the guests lived their music.