Maiden voyage,All set

1 Posted by - 2016年6月28日 - REPORT

Speaking of the first “Raft” track.
First of all, they started the band practice for a debut live and the first singles recording with Nat as a singer.

The recording was performed on May 5th.
Members met up at the studio in Nara.
They started recording of the guitar and the bass and drums ‪at 10:00am.
Each members were pretty busy for ther own music activities.
Fujioka, Fujita and Koura practiced hard and worked well.
They’ve finished recording of two songs for their maxi single.

Koura says ” We could find more possibilities of the new sounds we’ve never played”
His words just realized us how deep and exciting those times were.

Then recording of Nat singing voice.
To sing many hours in the small room is harder than you can imagine.
But she never stopped singing even she was exhausted.
The engineer and Raft members also kept encouraging her in many words.
When the engineer said the word “OK well done!” it was so dark outside.
And Fujioka just said “it’s insane!!” for her perfect work.

Next day, they started the practice for their show.
No one could know how it goes at the beggining.
As time goes by, they grasped each characteristics and discussed and made the sound perfect.
Particularly, Fujita’s way to lead was pretty impressive.
He gave sound advices to each part and brought out the best in members.
His advices worked well.
Each one met his expectations and aimed higher and higher.
The practice lasted more than 5 hours with many kinds of languages such as Thai, Japanese and English.
After leaving the studio, they looked nervous but more confident.
Their faces told us “We just did our best. We are ready now.”

18 days later, May 24th, at PLAY YARD in Bangkok, Raft members couldn’t hide their excitement when they appeared on the stage.
It’s time for the new voyage.