Mixed band, to formation
~Come on line, and to the maiden voyage~

1 Posted by - 2015年5月7日 - PICKUP, REPORT

30th March 2015, Fujioka who arrived in Thailand of Don Mueang airport, was quick pace toward the studio. The purpose is first meeting with nut. And, it’s recording of the song to be used in the promotion. How does he think the first time he hear her voice? How about sense of rhythm? It’s not just technology. How about confronting attitude to music? Does she join fortunes with us as a musician? While killing push a number of anxiety that crosses his mind, he arrived at the studio.

Had appeared in front of Fujioka you open the door, the pink hair and elephant tattoo impressive one woman in the back. It’s Nut herself. But, there is no time to soak in the encounter of joy. Immediately he got to the main point. She is singing a song with all her strength and all her heat. It is picked up the melody from sound source of demo by setting her nerves on edge. Good voice quality. Inserting of fake also good. “We may be on to something.” Fujioka to issue a number of instructions in order to bring out the latent potential. She even while depending on it, she gets the idea. Thai, English, and Japanese… Flurry of the three languages, the song began to evolve in minute increments. Of course, but all the songs making is not easy enough to complete in the first meeting, “put a firm voice to the melody, to clarify the image of the song” he has set in advance the goal was lightly clear.

Before traveling Fujioka felt that ” Whether live or the song dies, it is up to vocal ” When they left the studio after finishing the recording of up to 3 hours, the conclusion that came out in his will be interesting game if we pick nut up. Let’s live as soon as possible. Mixed band, it was the moment of newborn. The name “Raft (raft)”. 24th and 26th May 2015, Raft will come into maiden voyage in Bangkok.